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How To Order Barcodes


Go to and log into your consignor account.


Can't Print Yourself? Let Us Help!

Can't print at home and worried about how you will get the barcodes?

No problem! Kidz Klozet can print barcodes for you.



Follow the steps above in the ordering barcodes section. Watch for details on barcode pickup. Go HERE for the printable barcode worksheet to help you tally. 


Saturday, February 4 from 10-11am, Thursday, February 9 from 5-6pm and Saturday, February 18 from 9-11am.


Can't pickup that day?

No problem! You can come during drop off days prior to your drop off time to pick them up. Any batches submitted prior to drop off beginning can be accessed and printed by batch number. Be aware that we cannot access and print by batch numbers any orders that were submitted after drop off begins. We will have to re-enter your order once you get there.


1616 West I-65 Service Road South Mobile, AL next to Satellite Auto Glass is our new location!

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