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Barcoding Guide

Why use Barcoding?
Increased speed and accuracy for consignors and shoppers

What do I have to do?
After tagging your items, go to the Kidz Klozet website. Log into your consignor account to order 

your barcodes needed. 

What about discounted items?
You indicate yes or no regarding if you want the items to be discounted on discount days when entering your barcodes needed. Like this...3 at $6.00 1/2 price YES or NO, etc...

How will I get the barcode stickers?
You can print the barcodes right at home using AVERY 5160 or compatible labels. If you are not able to print at home, we will offer a barcode pickup from our store prior to the sale. More details to follow regarding barcode pickup.

What if I need more after I have printed them?
No problem! Simply log into your consignor account from the website and order more to print.

What do I do after I get the barcodes?
All you have to do is match the price with the item you are selling and put the sticker on the bottom of the tag. Remember to match up if the item is discounted or not.

What if I can't print the barcodes myself? (i.e. no printer, ran out of ink, can't find labels, etc.)

If you are not able to print at home, we will offer a barcode pickup from our store prior to the sale. More details to follow regarding barcode pickup.

  • How do I know what barcodes I need?
    Make tags for your items Determine the price and if item will be discounted Use theto help in determining barcodes. It assists in quickly ordering them online
  • What about discounting items?
    You must indicate Yes or No when entering the price points online regarding if you want the items to go at a discount.
  • Do I have to print all of the barcodes at once?
    You may enter as many barcode orders as you like and reorder as often as you need. Consider that there are 30 labels per page if printing at home. Each time you submit a barcode order, it creates a Batch #.
  • What if I need more barcodes?
    Did you just run out of the price points that you’ve already printed? Good News! Just pull up your previously entered batch # and print only the page with the price points that you need! There is no need to enter another batch #! Do you need additional price points? Simply log in under "Barcode Entry" and order again. Please make a note of the new batch # and print!
  • What do the letters on the barcode mean?
    These letters are used by our staff & volunteers to assist in resorting at the end of the sale.
  • What if I want to change the price or discount status of an item that I have already applied the barcoded stick to the tag?
    A new tag must be made! Do not cross through the preprinted prices or the words “No Disc” because the barcode is encrypted to sell at either a discounted or no discounted price. ALL ITEMS ARE SOLD PER THE BARCODE PRICE
  • What if I order too many barcodes?
    Keep them!!! Save any unused barcodes for future Kidz Klozet sales. The barcodes do not expire!
  • Can I reprint a batch #?
    Most definitely! You will go to the "Consignor Account Page" to view and print any of your barcode orders. Once your batch is pulled up on your screen, you may print only the page(s) of price points that you need.
  • What if the labels do not line up when I print the barcodes?
    When you click print a box will appear, make sure "page scaling" is set to " None". This should correct the problem.

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