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Tagging Clothes


We have listed 3 ways to prepare your tags.

  1. Handwrite Tags

  2. Printable Template

  3. Kidz Klozet's Excel Spreadsheet

With each of these methods, make sure to have the price, size, description & consignor number along with the barcode sticker on each tag. Any unsold item you wish to pick up, must have the top righthand price highlighted in yellow. Any unsold item NOT HIGHLIGHTED will be DONATED.


We use a SIMPLE barcode system to ensure the accuracy of our consignor’s items & improve the speed of checkout at Kidz Klozet! This IS NOT an inventory system, but a simplified version of barcoding where you add a barcode sticker to the index card. 




(1) Handwrite Tags

Use a 3X5 index card. Write the information in the appropriate spot as shown in the sample tag above. Review "RULES TO REMEMBER WHEN TAGGING and PREPARING" below.

(2) Printable Template

Download our PRINTABLE 4 tag template. This is a printable guide that shows you where the important info on your tag goes as well as where to place your barcode. Print template on card stock or regular paper!

(3) Excel Spreadsheet

Click to download the Kidz Klozet Tagging Spreadsheet!


This spreadsheet will allow you to plug in your information in Microsoft Excel as the directions below show, email it to and an Adobe PDF file will be sent back to you with all of your tags in numerical order within 48 hours. See an example of our Spreadsheet below.


How to use the Kidz Klozet Tagging Spreadsheet:

  1. Download the Kidz Klozet Tagging Spreadsheet. Complete all required fields. Incomplete spreadsheets cannot be processed.

  2. Enter line by line all of your items. Have multiples of an item? Copy and paste! No more writing duplicate tags or endless amounts of tags!

  3. Once finished, email your COMPLETED tagging spreadsheet to Let us know in the email if you want it to print on 3×5 index cards or 4 to a page. Your printer must be able to print on index cards to choose the 3X5 option. If printing 4 to a page, you may print on regular paper. However, please cut it to an approx. 3×5 size.

  4. Within 48 hours you will have your document back ready to print and pin on! You will place your barcode sticker on the bottom of the tag.

This spreadsheet is extremely simple and anyone that has Excel can use it. All of the hard stuff we do for you.

Tips for the Spreadsheet

  • Print on “draft” or “economy” mode to save on ink.

  • Keep items in the order you enter them as they print in the same order.

  • Use “Number of Blanks” to request blank tags if you wish to print extra tags in case you need them.

  • You can choose to print 4 tags to a page, printing them on a regular printer or card stock OR print on 3X5 index cards if your printer is capable of printing this size.

Rules to Remember When Tagging and Preparing Items

  • Use a 3×5 index card.

  • For item description, include brand, color, and type of item.  Please include a simple description in case the tag is lost.

  • All unsold items with the top righthand price highlighted in yellow will be returned to the consignor at pickup. All items NOT HIGHLIGHTED will be DONATED.

  • Price in $0.50 increments.

  • All clothing must be on hangers with the hanger hook facing to the left like a question mark (?). You may use pant clip hangers as well as safety pins for pants.

  • SAFETY PIN the card to the right hand side of the garment when looking at the front. NO STRAIGHT PINS!

  • SAFETY PIN multiple piece garments together

  • Clothing must be sized with numbers, i.e. 12M, 2T, 5 etc., not S, M, L.

  • To reduce check in time, have your items sorted by size and gender (rubber band or twist tie sizes together if needed to keep them in order while in transit) and counted prior to drop-off!

  • Loose items such as shoes, socks, bibs, as well as items or toys with more than one piece should be secured in Ziploc bags with tags placed inside the bag.  You are welcome to zip-tie shoes together.

  • You may consign no more than 15 pairs of shoes.

  • Do not forget we accept outside toys, baby & juvenile furniture, etc., anything to do with children. Please confirm they are clean.

  • Optional-For extra security, put your consignor # on a piece of masking tape inside all garments (each piece). 

  • Moms of multiples or matching sibling sets-You may indicate on the index card the matching outfit’s size/sex for shoppers looking for matching sets.

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